Hull Ladies Choir
Forthcoming Events

Tuesday 10th July--Concert at a Care Home @ 2pm

Tuesday 7th August-- concert at a Care Home @2pm

W/E 3rd November--Royal Albert Hall Gala Performance

Sunday 18th November-- Concert at Sandhill Garden Centre @12 noon

Tuesday 27th November-- Concert for the Methodist Womens Group @ 1.45 pm

Wednesday 5th December Concert on an "Alms House" @ 1pm

Friday 14th December--  Christmas Concert @Cottingham Civic Hall  @7.30pm 
See separate page for more information


Tuesday 23rd April--Concert for Church Group in Hessle @11am

Friday 10th May --Guildhall Charity Concert @7.30pm

 Guests are  the Stoke Male Voice Choir

Saturday 25th May-Wedding @ 1pm